How far can I get in Advent of Code 2023 without actually coding?

It’s become a bit of a tradition for various people I know to do advent of code. For those who do not know, it’s one (well, 2 kinda) coding challenges a day from December to December 24.

I spend a lot of time reading code and not ever writing it these days. I google, read it, copy/paste with a few edits and off I go. So I am now wondering… how far can I get without writing a single line of code? What can I achieve with a text editor and off the shelf software?

Few rules (to make it fun, honest):

  1. Excel or google sheets are fine
  2. I must use code or formulae I copy/paste from websites I have obtained with a search engine
  3. Regex is ok in text editors but only if I’ve copy/pasted it from elsewhere
  4. No ChatGPT or similar sorts of MML help for now (lots of people having fun with this option this year)

Screenshot of Excel with formulae in

Wish me luck!