Self Facilitating Media Node

Since Product Management has become “cool”, I’ve felt increasing pressure to create content and broadcast things. It doesn’t help that I am very much “uncool”, and will remain to be so, and I no longer care about it.

And I’ve interviewed people who write content, often covering things that the various books have covered ad nauseam.

The problem is - I don’t want to do that. I try to write and it just doesn’t feel like me.

I like helping people directly in product management communities, and I will continue to do that. And I might share some pieces I used to help others.

I will write here for me, when I feel like I want to. But there is no content schedule or program, or expected frequency, or even theme or topic, and I’m not really expecting anyone to read it. It’s just somewhere less earnest than mastodon, and less horny than bluesky, and less bigoted than twitter.

And maybe, one day, something here might help someone other than me, but if it only ever helps me, that’s ok.